Meet Mang Mindo, our website's mascot created by Aster Tecson on October 2007 !
Meet Mang Mindo, our website's mascot created by Aster Tecson on October 2007 !
PLAN TO VISIT  M I N D O R O  on February 2012 Balik Mindoro !!! Details to follow soon.
PLAN TO VISIT M I N D O R O on February 2012 Balik Mindoro !!! Details to follow soon.

Posted 8/6/12 - Happy 5th year anniversary to our . Our visitors are now 81,000. Keep on visiting this site for more information about Mindoro and its people.

Posted 9/1/11 - Happy 4th year anniversary to our  Once again, thanks to all visitors.  Total visitors we now have is 69,000.  Keep visiting for more news and events, pictures and greetings. 

Posted 7/17/11
Our 4th year anniversary is coming up.  Hep, hep, hooray.  Our total visitors now is 65,000.  Keep checking for more news and events in Mindoro.

Posted 8/31/10
Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to our website.  Readership is now  53,382.  Keep visiting our site !

Posted 4/1/10
Our visitors now total to 48,000.  Thank you all for your support to our website

Posted 12/21/09
Congratulations to our website.  We now have 44,000 visitors or readers . 

Posted 8/31/09 
Time flies, we are now two years old !  Happy Anniversary to our website !

Posted 8/31/08

Happy One Year Anniversary to

our website !!!  Maraming salamat po sa

inyo, our readers/visitors worldwide.

Posted 8/5/08
Let us celebrate !  Our website is now on its  11 th month of existence.  Happy Anniversary to  Readership is now almost 21,000.  Salamat po, ulit sa lahat !!!

Posted 7/4/08

10 months na po ang website natin. So, Happy 10th month anniversary to our  Readership is now over 19,000.  Thanks to all of you readers for your unconditional support. Happy surfing.

Posted 6/4/08
Let's celebrate the NINTH MONTH Anniversary of our website,  Our readership is now 16,700  !!!  Thanks to you all. 

Posted 5/5/08
Happy  8th month anniversary to  !!!  Salamat po sa almost 15,000 visitors/readers natin.  Keep visiting our site for Mindoro news and events in Mindoro.

Posted 4/2/08
We are now on our 7th exciting month !  Happy 7th month anniversary to our website.  Proud to announce that our readership went up by 1,700 in just one month. Total regular and first time visitors is now 12,900 !  Salamat po, ulit.

Posted 3/4/08
We are now on our 6th month.  Happy Anniversary to our website.  Visitors are now 11,200 !!!  Salamat po sa inyong lahat.
Posted 2/03/08
Congratulations to our on its FIFTH MONTH ANNIVERSARY.  Readership is now 9,700, up by 1, 900 in the last 30 days   !!!
Posted 1/03 /07
Let's celebrate !   It's our website's Fourth Month Anniversary. From, salamat po sa inyong lahat. Our visitors/readership is now 7,800, up by 1,800 in the last 30 days.  We also welcome our new addition to our econnection family, our kababayans who live in England.

Posted 12/05/07
Happy THIRD MONTH anniversary to website !  We are proud to say that our readership(visitors)  is now 6,000 over.
We also welcome our new name MINDORO INTERNATIONAL , formerly Mindoro USA (see top heading in all  pages) , in appreciation of an overwhelming response worldwide to our website.   But our link will remain as

Posted 11/06 /07
As our e-connection is now worldwide, we welcome our new title page "Mangyans International" (formerly Mangyans USA).  
Posted 11/ 01/ 07
 HAPPY  SECOND MONTH  ANNIVERSARY TO OUR !!!  Readership is now 3,700.
Posted 10/ 20/ 07
Welcome to our  3,000 th visitor (reader)   !!!
Posted 10/6/07
Welcome to our 1,800th visitor, whoever  you are and wherever you may be !
Posted 9/21/07
Our warm welcome to our expanding Website Family or Econnection family.  Readers or visitors now include Mindorenos from Vietnam, Thailand and Frankfurt, Germany.

Posted 9/13/07
We now welcome those who responded to our website. We are now connected with our friends in LA, SF, San Diego, Saudia Arabia, Israel,  Hawaii, Canada, Calapan City, Chicago, Arizona, Virginia and Maryland. Let's continue reaching out to our friends wherever they may be.

sted 8/31/07 (first day of website)
Warm welcome to all from United Mindoro International, Inc
officers and members in the United States !!!  

We have just created a website that will feature news from Mindoro and/or from different Mindoro associations in the United States, our activities and many more. Hopefully, this site will also serve as our medium of communication to get connected with our friends and relatives from Mindoro living abroad and in the Philippines. Please visit the website regularly for updates. 

                   You are welcome to contribute news 
                      or articles for inclusion to our site.


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